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The aspects that should be considered for the bearing and the classification of the bearing

Depending on the application, it is necessary to select Ball bearing that are specially designed for accuracy, clearance, cage construction, grease, etc. However, there is no order or rule for selecting bearings. It is especially practical to consider the conditions, performance, and most relevant requirements for the bearings. The market requirements for various mechanical devices and instruments using rolling bearings are becoming increasingly stringent, and the conditions and performance required for bearings are becoming increasingly diverse. In order to be able to select the most suitable bearing from a large number of structures and sizes, it is necessary to study from various angles. When selecting a bearing, generally, the bearing structure, the ease of mounting and dismounting as a shaft system, the space allowed for the bearing, the size, and the marketability of the bearing are generally considered, and the bearing structure is roughly determined. Secondly, the bearing size is determined while comparing the design life of various machines using bearings and the various endurance limits of the bearings. When selecting a bearing, it is often preferred to consider only the fatigue life of the bearing. The grease life, wear, noise, etc. caused by the aging of the grease also need to be fully studied.

The bearing can be decomposed into inner ring, outer ring, cage, steel ball and dustproof piece. From the perspective of the inner and outer rings, the use of bearing steel is better than that of carbon steel, because one is carbon steel, the machining accuracy is not as good as that of stainless steel bearing, and the other is that carbon steel is more brittle than bearing steel, and the force of the skate bearing is Radially, there is generally a radial force of 100-150 kg during the beating process, which is easily cracked and damaged by carbon steel. The quality of the bearing can also be used in these aspects. (Strictly speaking, the bearing should be applicable, not just good or bad). The inner and outer rings are generally made of carbon steel or bearing steel. The cages are made of plastic or iron. The steel balls are divided into carbon steel, bearing steel and ceramic balls. The dustproof sheets are made of white iron or rubber. Another important concept of bearings is the "gap" - the gap between the ball and the channel.

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